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Rodis Law Group

Loan Mod Rip Off”>

Hello all,
Call me another victim of Stuart Spencer and Rodis Law Group! I first started talking with these guys back in December ’08. There were many calls back and forth and Stuart Spencer really knew how to tell me what I wanted to hear. He sounded like one of the attorneys but I later learned he was the Top Sales Manager there with some sort of ‘Director’ title.

Actually the 1st guy I talked to was Shawne Malone and he sounded like a typical salesman. Shawne didn’t know anything but how to ask for my credit card number. When it became obvious that I wasn’t going to do anything with Shawne, Stuart Spencer got on the phone and was that guy ever slick! He conned me out of $3, 500! I felt like their number one client until after I paid. Then I couldn’t get a call back from Stuart no matter how many times I tried.

In the beginning, these guys even gave me their cell numbers and told me I could call them for help anytime. Actually, I think I will call them now and let them know what I think of their con game. If you too have been ripped off, let them know what you think.
Shawne’s phone number is [protected]
and Stuart Spencer’s phone number is [protected].

The sad part is that now since Rodis is closed down, I learned both Stuart and Shawne just up and moved their con game down the street. They’re both continuing to rip people off at some place in Santa Ana called “Traut Law Group” and they even have phony credentials up on the www.trautlawgroup.com web site.

ComplaintsBoard, I really hope you’re also investigating Traut Firm, at www.trautfirm.com and Traut Law Group, at www.trautlawgroup.com

On Traut Firm, these 2 attorneys have zero real estate or mortgage experience going back 20 years. Real Estate and Mortgages aren’t even mentioned along with the half a dozen areas they claim as their specialty. Then suddenly on Traut Law Group, same exact address and people, they miraculously claim to be experienced loan modification attorneys. Looks like just 2 more guys jumping on the band wagon and hiring con men to do their dirty work!

Anybody putting together a class action lawsuit, please contact me and count me in! My email address is: [protected]@yahoo.com


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