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Gomillion & Leupold – GNL Studios

Photography Sexual Offender”>

My agency sent me to do a test shoot with photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold at their studio in the East Village.
They greeted me and were very nice and pleasant as I walked in the door. They offered me a glass of wine and asked my music preference. It all went well till the shoot started. Dennis had to run out to get some lighting while Steven took out some clothes from an Ikea bag and laid them on the floor. He asked me to get undressed and wear some boxer shorts and a tee shirt. I looked at the underwear and they were dirty. (gross STD’s) I just wore my own.

Steven started telling me about how competitive and hard it was to be a photographer and the benefit of being a photographer was all the male models wanted to sleep with him. I appreciated his humor at first. Steven wanted me to be more sexy. I made the mistake of taking it off. He offered to put lotion on me. He then started what was the long process of telling me sexual things that were just not cool, I guess it wasn’t a big deal at that point. He asked me to shoot on a mattress, I lied down and he got next to me, it got very weird and uncomfortable. He got closer and closer until I could feel that he was touching me with his leg and pressed his body against mine. He started directing me “open your legs, open them more”. I immediately told him that he needed to slow down, he got angry and told me he shoots all sort of celebrities and supermodels from all the top agencies like Wilhelmina and Ford. I honestly was a little scared. He went on and told me if I don’t like the direction the shoot is going, I can simply leave. I had already paid $400 for the test shoot and had no choice but to stay but I felt like I’m being taken advantage off. I finally gave in and decided to call the shoot off. He threatened to ruin my career if I mention anything to my agent.

I went in to the bathroom to wash my face and get dressed and I noticed a bunch of prescription pills on his bathroom sink, I assumed it was anti depressants or till I googled the names of the pill bottle and it turned out to be STD related drugs.

I weren’t sure if I should call the police and alert my agency. I went back to the models apartment, i was sick to my stomach and couldn’t leave the house for 2 days. I weren’t sure if I should call the police and alert my agency. I decided to vent to my roommate. He was telling how bad of an experience he had with Steven in the past. I just don’t get how these photographers can get away with illegal stuff like this, I get the power that they have but this needs to be stopped. I’ve been warned in the past and heard stories but never believed it till I experienced it. I hope Steven rots in hell, this was a traumatizing experience. I felt like I was being raped. (just psychologically).

BC- Model in NYC
New York, New York

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