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I am a Ventersdorp resident who purchases from Spar on a daily basis, this morning being 05/11/2016 at about 10h00 I purchased bread eggs, and a few other items, when I got home and we started with breakfast we found that the eggs I purchase looked strange as there was no white only a yellow.
I took the eggs back to the Ventersdorp Spar only to have some one called “Marutie” tell me he cannot assist me without my slip, he looed at the eggs, smelt them and said they don’t smell bad, but I assure you they don’t look like eggs…

Firstly it is raining in Ventersdorp, secondly I don’t expect that the stuff I purchase from Spar to be bad or rotten so I threw my slip into the dustbin, which is now covered with other foodstuff.
When this Spar was run by the previous owner he did similar to us and we stopped purchasing at Spar Ventersdorp, and you know the end result.

All I am asking for is that Spar do not sell us rotten products, and when a product is found, to be courteous enough to replace or refund me, Spar advertises double the quality yet this Spar in Ventersdorp has not got to the service levels we have experienced in other towns.

Seen as I have been to your Spar store to purchase the product and I returned to your Spar store a second time and treated badly, you can arrange with Spar Ventersdorp to please collect the rotten egg product and replace it with a fresh batch of eggs.

I am quite sure denial will be the reply from the store.

Mark Jansen Van Vuren

Found At: Spar International – a tray of eggs

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