Spar International

Good Day Managment

Thirst off all Spar Bredell there is no exception for this due that there is now customer service or assistance and allways giviving the Blame on DC that theye waiting for stock.Not even The Managers in that store can tell you whats happening.

This is allways a problem empty shelfs and I only stay 200 meyer from spar.Now Its costing me every time to go to a pnpay .

I will not again stop at that store due that there is allways nothing if you need to buy.
Never hole grain weaht, never digested brand flour never Cadbury tjoklats never Becon jelly beans or fruity cubes
Its just unlikely I did not took photos due that managment revuese me to take photos
I will make sure that the community will not support this store.Im not just the only person complaining about this and 3 three months ago my partner sent a email and its stil the same.spar in Bredell dont give a dam what the community say so lets see how will spar make business if the comunty wil boy cot them and turning to a local shop or to the pnpay.

Found At: Spar International – hole crain wheat, cadbury tjoklates, beacon mynards jelly beans and wine cums, brown bread. flour, digestive brand weat,

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