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Sls continues to service a loan transferred to it without proper documents from ditech. They ignore warnings that the loan has no proof of collateral (can not produce title) since nov 2017 i’ve asked for a copy of title, they continue to “research” with no response or outcome. This was explained to them but no action was taken: I asked ditech in aug 2016 to refinance my loan. 3months after back and forth, I was denied because I could not provide them with title to my manufactured home. This is a document they hold, not me (until the loan is paid off). I found out the re-finance process had been cancelled by my loan officer when I called ditech’s c/s for an update on the process because the loan officer would not return my calls/messages. After continuing to request refinancing or help to locate the “required” (also found out about applying for a surety bond because the title didnt exist because the manufacturer didnt send a certificate of origin to the dealer or closing attorney’s in the original loan with abn-amro (the original mortgage co.) documents and made complaints against the loan officer (who refused to help at all with the surety bond), ditech “transferred” my loan to sls in nov. 2017. My request to sls asking them to refuse to accept this fraudulent loan fell on deaf ears.
Sls told me they don’t refinance, but could use someone else if I had a title, which they can’t seem to locate.
Complained to the cfpb, and received an apology from ditech.
Complained to freddie mac jan. 2018: checking into it.
Spoke to a (local) attorney jan 2018: he didn’t have a clue; told me to call a friend of his who could find a title if it existed… (guess he wasnt listening when I told him there was no _-_- title)

Desirable resolution: class action against ditech-sls. The only reasonable action companies like these understand… Loss of profit

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