I have had the complete suite of Time Warner Cable services for more than a year now – Cable, Internet, Phone and International One Calling Plan.

In Mar ’09, I was going out of US for a month and called TWC to suspend the services in my absence. They said the minimum duration for suspension of account is 2 months… so it was not an option. However, the agent suggested suspending “International One Plan” for that duration. She told me that the service will be disabled from 10-Mar to 18-Apr. After which the service was supposed to be enabled automatically.

I came back to US on 7-May and started making International Calls assuming that the “International One Plan” was enabled. To my surprise, I found on 17-May that they had not enabled it and I had a hefty bill of 140$ for international calls (charged at 40 cents per min). After talking to 2 customer service representatives, I was finally connected to Jay (the supervisor/manager in corporate office). He listened to my case and said that they have enabled the service now BUT will NOT be able to make any adjustment for the calls that I have already made under the assumption that “International One Plan” was on. He kept on referring to the company policy that the agents can NOT enable the service by themselves. My repeated mention of the fact that “The agent told me so” did not worry him a bit.

So, here I am stuck with 140$ of additional charges. My mistake – Believing the TWC agent in good faith.

Found At: Spectrum.com – charged hefty international calling rates

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