Speed Services Couriers [SSC]

On the 23th of October I went to Cape Town Post office to sent document to Zambia(Lusaka). When I got the i did every thing they told me to do. They said if I want the parcel to get there fast I must use speed service and it cost R214 and some cents. I filled in the form, payed and left.

A week late the parcel was not in Zambia and I didnt hear a word from them. I went to the post office and they told me that they have send it the same day and they called speed service and post office people told me that speed service will call me within 24hour. Speed service never called 2 days later I went back and the post office and they gave me a number to call.

The no is for a Goodwood speed service the guy who helped was soo cold telling me that they lost a container that had my parcel. Now i must just resend what ever I was sending becouse they cant help me. I regret using Speed service.

Found At: Speed Services Couriers [SSC] – Losing my parcel and do even letting me know

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