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Speedway locations in Anderson, IN (W 38th St. and Dr MLK Dr.) & (Scatterfield Rd and E Hartman Rd.) and in Indianapolis, IN (W 86th St. and Zionsville Rd.) are locations that I visit frequently. Lately, cashiers are engaged in conversations among themselves and either make me wait until they finish their chit-chat about movies or boyfriends before starting to ring me up OR they begin ringing me up (oftentimes with their heads turned) while continuing their chatting with their co-workers. In both scenarios described, the cashiers do not greet me, they call out a total, and then they don’t thank me. I don’t like to patronize GetGo Cafés bc of their bait-&-switch gas pricing, but I have taken my c-store business their bc they have nominally better customer service.

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