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Good day Sportscene (Golden Acre, Cape Town, South Africa)

My name is Lyle Europa and recently I purchased a pair of very cool JBL wired earphones from your Sportscene store in the Golden Acre in Cape Town CBD. I was super excited upon the purchase because I am a musician and needed the best quality earphones of which I could afford at the time.

I purchased these earphones for r240. When I purchased it I was late for a very important meeting and left the packaging with the staff of the store and I misplaced the receipt. When I put the jack in my phone for the first time it would constantly drop the volume of my phone… It has become very frustrating to constantly push the volume up every 5 seconds.

I’m honestly not angry at all… But I am disappointed that when I went to the store to find out what I can do in my situation, with no longer having my receipt and after leaving the packing with the staff, they just completely had a bit of an attitude and didn’t give me any advice further or nothing as to what I can do to resolve my issue. When I purchased nobody explained that I should keep the packaging incase of a return or refund or repair… I just feel that retail staff should discern and have a bit of empathy in certain situations and really have a heart for people while working in a customer service environment.

I just recently got hijacked and shot through my chest and almost died! I lost everything that I worked so hard for when they hijacked me from my car, phone and laptop and I can’t afford to lose r240 just like that.

Is there anything that someone can do to possibly help in this regard?

God bless you all and may you have a fantastic day!

Yours sincerely,
Lyle Europa

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