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Sep 20, 2022

Over the last few months (March to be exact) the CEO of Spume.io, Beauregard Moody, used a fraudulent Multicoin. Capital agreement to raise funds from investors and to use as leverage for multiple recognized crypto exchange listings.

The agreement showed 2.5m USD was to be delivered to the project and Multicoin will be backing them. Millions of dollars were raised along with exchanges giving bottom line pricing because of the agreement. Many investors became skeptical when the price dropped so low in the weeks after launch, questioning Multicoins investment.

After various inquiries with multicoin, it has been determined that they never had any communication with the Spume project or Beauregard Moody and that the documents were fraudulently fabricated. There is an ongoing legal position that Multicoin.

Capital is taking on this. On top of this Beau raised money in the US without properly KYC’ing investors and then launching on 2 exchanges that are banned in the US. Thus resulting in investors not being in control of their money.

Beau even changed the vesting schedule says before launch without any prior discussion to his investors or team, resulting in tremendous losses.

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