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My Spur card number is [protected]

I went to the Spur in Rooihuis Kraal the Ridge Spur I was absolutely disgusted the way my food was, I had the fish and calamari combo my husband had the pork ribs firstly his ribs was not cooked well and my fish was crumbed not battered it tasted horrible the calamari was not fried properly and not crispy the food was not appetising.

you guys used to make the best food but no more I am a very disappointed and unhappy client and will not be supporting you guys anymore. I complained to the manager and all he said they did inform head office that a lot of people are complaining about the fish and calamari and that’s it. And then he goes to the back to the kitchen and ask who made the food and shouted them we could hear him while still sitting at our table. He did not even compensate us or anything, really I was not happy with the food it was horrible the fish wasn’t even cooked properly inside it did not taste nice I am very disappointed really,

Please can u contact me on [protected] so that I know u received my complaint. And that you are going to do something about your foods really your standard of food has really gone to the dogs.

my email address is : buvani. [protected]@sanparks.org


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