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SRS And Associates

Terrible experience”>

I was called about 3 weeks ago. A message was left on my phone saying that I needed to contact them or there was be papers sent to my house to pursue a lawsuit. I called and talked to a lady Rachel. We both started yelling and I hung up on her. Well the next day after I cooled down I called and apologizes to her. She in return did the same. We talked and set up payments. The first payment went thru. Well the next one is to come out on the 31st of Oct. I called to see if I could have this payment moved back because I ran into some financial problems. (she has a blank check so I assumed that it wouldn’t be a problem.) I called and talked to a nice lady, told her my situation and she told me to hold on that se was going to se if she could do that. Well a few minutes later this guy came on named David. He asked me what he could do for me so I told me my story. He then became rude; I told him that he didn’t have to be so ugly and he told me that he was not ugly and as a matter of fact he was quite attractive. He then proceeded to tell me that I was the one being rude trying to talk over him. Well it exclated from there and I hung up on him. I called back a few moments later and asked to speak to Rachel, the girl asked who was calling and I told her that I just needed to talk to Rachel. Well she put me on hold. A few moments later David came on the phone and asked why I hung up. I said I want to talk to Rachel. He refused then I said I want to talk to you manager, he told me he was the manager so I said I want to talk to some one other than you. Well there was silence, he finally put me on hold. Then someone came on the phone. (it sounded like him trying to desquise his voice.) I said I want to talk to Rachel, the person said this is Rachel, a I said no it’s not, and they told me to quit playing games. I said I’m not but this is not Rachel; they said I have a cold. Well I sat there a few minutes and she finally asked me if I was going to settle this or were they going to have to pursue the lawsuit and take the whole amount of $475.00 (which I’ve already paid $237.50). I told her the I was only calling back to make a complaint on the guy named David. She ignored what I said and pursued the question that she had asked me before. I finally said yes that I would come up with the money some how. I really don’t believe that this was Rachel because there were several occassions where she would cover the phone and say something to whoever and then you would hear laughing in the back ground.

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