My parepaid had 70gb in which monthly I topup using the same svc to port over unused data. This month they ate up my 70GB! And 800mins of calls. Prob because my usual topup package had bonus of additional calls, etc for that month. So they confused it and ate all my money?

Contacted Starhub cust svc, they said their system cannot pull out, system slow. Gave me all wrong infos like 500mb left (WTH! I topup the 25bux data package). Then ignored my problem again. I’m scare of starhub, seriously. They also impose different plans for IDD, Calls and DATA hence you’ve to pay at least 3 diff packages. Whats worse they have like 2gb @18 but 20GB @25 all to manipulate users to pay @ max cost.

Whats more their unlimited Sunday data? for many sundays the speed trottled (or system down?) to an unusable speed can’t even surf or watch anything decently last weekend and this, until only around 9pm then the speed resumed to normal. That’s very lowdown of STARHUB!

That is why I’m here to say I’m too fed up with [censored] starhub and won’t ever touch it. Getting new 3rd party telcos at least at 1 packaged include call+data at much lower cost. Starhub should be ashamed, boycotted and blacklisted.

Found At: StarHub – The worst scum and telco shameless!

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