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I’m writing in regards to my mom (Elaine Crook), who is 80 years old, and her claim.
Back in February my mom had ice damming on her home. My mom is a 60 year customer ( that has never filed a claim) contacted you and was assigned Shannon Romero as her claims adjuster. He sent out Keith Borkowicz to examine the claim. When Keith arrived, I thought he was running a marathon. He ran all over the outside and inside of the of the house as fast as he could. Not sure if he was over booked for the day or just wanted to get home early. He looked at things that had nothing to do with the claim and would not listen at all to what we said was wrong. My mom had damage to her ceiling and the west wall in the kitchen which Keith diagramed as a much smaller area. The kitchen cabinet which was hanging down off of the wall Keith completely ignored. Window trim and baseboard trim needing to be replaced. Also mold was found inside the wall. Nobody listened to me about that. The ice pulled down the gutter that contributed to the water getting in the wall and ceiling of the kitchen. Again told Shannon and Keith and was completely ignored.
A couple of days later I received the quote from Keith. With all the work that needed to be done, they were only going to provide her with $1235. My mom does have a $1000 deductible that makes the total $2235. I couldn’t believe how low the quote was and immediately contacted Keith. He said if there were additional things that needed to be done or if the estimate for work was higher to contact Shannon about that. My mom had some illness during that time and we hired a contractor who did a good job painting for her in the past. He charged $3875 for all the work which I thought was fair. With my mom being in the hospital and not feeling well we proceeded with the work. When completed I summited everything to Shannon thinking he would send the difference to make everything whole. No, instead he wouldn’t listen and just kept insisting that we over paid the contractor. I kept telling him the measurements were not right, there was mold, cabinet was coming off the wall and a gutter problem which we never got fixed. He would not acknowledge any of that. He just kept arguing that he was right. I’m sure whoever is reading this has had work done. Where can you get all that work done for $2235.
I think ripping off an 80 year old women that’s been with you for 60 years is a crime.
I’ve been in business and I would never lose a customer over $1640.
But that’s what’s going to happen.
I personally use Allstate. I had hail damage about 10 years ago, and they went over and beyond to make sure everything was done properly. I still can’t believe what a horrible experience this was.
Hope someone is listening that can help.

Don Crook

Found At: State Farm – Not fully paying a claim and taking advantage of an 80 year old woman, who is a 60 year customer

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