Stepping Stones

BEWARE of Doctor Vivian Nicolas.
She is also known as Vivian David-Nicolas.
Doctor Vivian Nicolas, a psychologist in the San Fernando Valley in California, is a rabid child predator. She has been recently arrested for several counts of molestation upon her own son.
Doctor Vivian David-Nicolas is a psychologist who currently works in the office of another scam doctor, Doctor Orkideh Csukay.
Doctor Vivian Nicolas also known as Doctor Vivian David-Nicolas is a dangerous child predator. She is also a rabid drug addict and a raging alcoholic.
She sees patients during the day, but molests helpless, innocent children during her off hours.
She has even committed molestation upon her own son.
She deliberately abuses her patients by giving them wrong, harmful advice, she steers them in the wrong direction, she lies to them, and she even commits fraud against them.
She and doctor Orkideh Csukay run a dirty Medi-Cal mill (they see Medi-Cal patients who are on public assistance, while using their names to forge documents and commit fraud against Medi-Cal and against their patients.
Very sick, sick people. These two are even sicker than the patients they see.
The bottom line is this: Do NOT go to Doctor Vivian David Nicolas or Doctor Orkideh Csukay, because they are more psychotic than anyone else and will end up causing you or your loved one FAR MORE problems, in every single way.

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