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Sat., 20, 2020 10:40am to 10:00am -Cashing 3 lottery tickets. Spanish customer service lady 50 to 55 years old with glasses. Used Scanner 3 lottery tickets one for 4 dollars, 2 dollars, 2 dollars = 8 Dollars. Handed the tickets to the Spanish woman behind the counter. She scans the tickets. I ask how much. She saids 6 dollars. I’m shocked. I ask for the 4 dollar ticket back. She hands the ticket back to me. I try to rescan the ticket, she says It won’t rescan -I understood that. I left it at that. Next time I’m going to write the winning amount on the ticket. If the cashier says wrong amount going to ask for manager and/or call lottery agency.

Found At: Stop & Shop – cashing lottery tickets

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