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Hello, I just left the Stop & Shop in Cromwell, CT. Today is November 8th. I had a very upsetting experience there. My fiancé had to use the bathroom which is near the deli. I was standing there looking at some items in the cooler section close by and a young male staff member was shouting across the store at me and to his co workers. He was harassing me because of what I was wearing and my hair color (a big black hat and green hair). He said I looked ridiculous and had his co workers join in on harassing me and laughing at me. I was so shocked and stunned I didn’t know what to say. The boy was younger, wearing a patriots face mask. I couldn’t see his name tag, that’s how far away I was. He was in the middle of helping a customer cutting their meat and he was harassing me. Even the customers turned back and looked at me. How unprofessional. I have never been more humiliated and uncomfortable in my life. I don’t know what kind of staff you hire but this greatly reflects on you. To have employees verbally harass a customer, in front of other customers, yelling across the store. I was there to get a few steaks and lobsters. It’s my birthday in fact, and I went there to get a nice meal to cook at home since dining out is more difficult these days. I will never ever shop there again, I will take my business to ShopRite across the street from now on. I am reaching out so you know what kind of disgusting and foul staff members you have working there, especially in the deli. Everyone that was working the shift on November 8th at 6:30 should be reprimanded and that boy with the patriots face mask should be fired immediately. He will continue to harass other customers and I don’t want this happening to someone else. I am so upset and shocked someone would speak like that, especially at their job! Making fun of a customer! Absolutely repulsive and I hope this issue gets addressed immediately. My contact email is [protected] as I would like someone from Stop & Shop contacting me. Thank you.

Found At: Stop & Shop – Harassment from Deli staff

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