This people have a rip off with the so called “conversion kit”. They advertise this conversion kit will solve the issue of the expensive airmatic ride in Mercedes Benz. On the contrary, the product is a very low quality, highly expensive replacement part since it does not last more than a year and a half. When you contact them, they say it is not their fault, that they only buy parts from other vendors and put them together and they supposedly do not have any control on the durability of parts. The kit is $1, 300 initially and they don’t sell just the front or back sets, you have to buy the whole thing. Later on, when it fails, they urge you to buy the whole thing again. And the discounted price they tell you they will give you if anything happens in the future is not true. They charge $586 for each seat, front or rear, which is basically the initial price. I urge all owners of Mercedes Benz to buy the replacement airmatic struts and save the headache of having a below average conversion with a kit that does nothing of what is advertised and really turns your car in a piece of junk that is almost impossible to go back to the airmatic. The movements of the car change and then when the Strutmasters shocks begin to fail they make a horrible squeaking noise that is almost unbearable. I wish I never bought the kit from them. I only had to save a little and buy the real thing, the OEM struts that would last years and years before failing.

Found At: Strutmasters – conversion kit for mercedes

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