On Monday, September 27, 2021 at 2:20pm we went into Subway #5243 7300 E Hampton Ave. #A-8 Denver, CO 80231 and placed an order for food. The young clerk who was at the register did not know how to process the order when it was time to pay. He asked the woman who was next to him for assistance several times. It was apparent that he was most likely in training. I told him that I had a coupon for a free bag of chips and a free cookie. He asked the woman how to do this and she was very curt with him and then said to me that I would have to pay for the 2 sandwiches separately, which I did. But then she said the coupons would not be valid because 1 order was for a meal deal. I said I would like to use the free cookie coupon for my sandwich and she refused that. I said I do not understand why and left the counter when my granddaughter said she would pay for a cookie with her order.
All of the tables were not clean. I asked the young clerk if someone could please clean a table for us. He immediately said “Gotcha” and was on his way when the woman jerked the cleaning cloth out of his hand and told us to go to a table across the room because it was clean, I said no, it is also dirty. She started yelling and told me that I could use my manners and say please and thank you. I said I did say please when I asked and I am waiting for you to finish cleaning the table before I say thank you. She then started yelling at us to leave the store. I was too shocked to move. I am a 77 year old female with my 13 year old grandson next to me. She kept yelling right in our faces and ordered us out of her store. My older granddaughter came over to us and told her that she would like to speak to the Manager and the woman said she was the Manager and owner and she ordered us to leave her store right now. I said you cannot treat us like this because we just spent money in your store. She said I don’t care and I don’t want you in here and kept yelling at us to leave right now.
It was all so surreal. My grandson was so traumatized that he literally did not say a word for at least 30 minutes.
The actions of this Manager/owner reflect very, very poorly on the Subway name. I personally will never frequent another Subway shop if this type of behavior is tolerated by your Corporate Headquarters.

Found At: Subway – Unprofessional conduct by the manager/owner

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