Suddenlink Communications

I got suddenlink installed with cable and internet. Cable worked great but had no internet due to password issue. Went to local office 3 times in one day, they sent out a tech that took two weeks to get here, the tech couldn’t fix it. Went back to local office and they scheduled another tech to come out again another two weeks to show up. Can out yesterday and fixed it in 5 mins. This morning I wake up to both of my tivo minis not working due to no network connection. So I have made to phone calls to technical support and the soonest they can send someone out is in 4 days. I have came very close to day to quitting Suddenlink with all the issues I have been having in less than a month and already got my first months bill in that they want paid for service that honestly I haven’t even been able to use. Also when you do call Suddenlink you are on hold for a minimum of 1 hour to 2 before you get to talk to anyone. Even then their answer is I have to send a tech out I cant do anything more from my end. Needless to say I am not happy with the service that Suddenlink is trying to provide.

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