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I had a fully paid vacation booked with Sugar & Spice Travel Agency for an October 2010 vacation on Carnival Cruise lines. On August 6, 2010 I contacted Veronica Fountain for instructions on her company’s refund policy. I was considering not going but I wanted to know how much of a loss I would absorb if I canceled. Veronica Fountain explained deadline for cancelations has already passed but, she will speak with her director to see if there were any other options. I say, “ok great, call me with the details once you know something.” Days later I get an email from Veronica Fountain with a message that says, “I was able to cancel you out of the cabin and refund $200 back to your card ending in ####. Hope to see you on future Cruises.” This is completely ridiculus to say the least. I did not advise Veronica to cancel my cabin in any form or fashion. Sugar & Spice Travel Agency is pulling some type of scam and it is not fair. I now will have to take time out of my day and take Veronica Fountain to small claims court in order to get my money back. I sure hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Veronica Fountain Owner

Damage Resulting
As a result I have not received at least the $200 refund promised. I have loss over $800 I paid for the trip and now I will have to spend money and time taking Sugar & Spice Travel Agency to court.

Found At: Sugar & Spice Travel Agency – Unauthorized Cancelation of Cabin

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