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Some time ago I had a most unfortunate experience with Summit Source, a supplier of consumer electronics. I had purchased an outdoor TV amplifier but it turned out not to work as advertised. I tried repeatedly to contact Summit Source but they did not respond to emails or telephone calls. Ultimately, I had no choice but to challenge the credit card charge, which is called a “chargeback.” That got their attention but then they tried to charge me another $50 for the chargeback. They disputed my assertion to VISA that their device did not function. The credit card company suggested I return the device to Summit Source for a refund, which I did. But VISA (not the bank associated with my credit card) decided that Summit Source’s general claim that I was wrong was sufficient to decide in its favor despite the clear facts presented. As an electrical engineer I knew exactly what had happened and why the device was not as advertised. But the charge was reinstated. Meanwhile, I had returned the device to Summit Source, repackaged and suitable for return to the manufacturer. However, Summit Source refused to respond to my refund request though it had the device and my payment in full. I then complained by letter to the Indiana Attorney General who ultimately recommended a private legal action against Summit Source, which of course from Virginia is a little ridiculous over a matter of $70 or so. Bottom line: I would never ever allow a friend to do business with Summit Source. Like many companies, even those that are inherently marginal or shady, there is a likelihood of having no problem in a purchase (assuming the item is in stock). The test comes when there is a problem. Summit Source fails without question.

Found At: Summit Source – Awful experience

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