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I recently rec’d a letter informing me of the merger between Suntrust and BB&;T and it provided a phone # to call with any questions. I wanted to ensure my future pension wouldn’t be lost during conversion, so I called the number to request info on my pension. The rep I spoke with was the most unknowledgeable banking rep I’ve ever spoke with. I explained that I used to work at Suntrust and would be starting my pension benefit when I turned 65. She had no idea what I was talking about. She asked me if it was a CD and I explained again. She told me at least twice that I needed to call my employer. I explained again that Suntrust was my previous employer and she told me I should go to a branch. Since it was apparent she didn’t know what a pension is (even though she kept saying she did), I asked if she knew of a retirement services dept and she told me she thought I was referring to an IRA! When I started getting annoyed, she said she was getting her information from her supervisor. I realize I called the wrong number, but it is very alarming to me that she didn’t even know what a pension is or what retirement services does, especially when the link to the web site provided on the letter has a link to retirement services! Not sure if it was Incompetence or lack of training, but it was a VERY unpleasant experience. By the way, the correct number to call for retirement services is [protected]. Maybe someone can inform Sun Trust customer service?

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