SunTrust Banks it goes…I have been a victim of major identity theft to the point where I couldn’t answer one single question about myself while trying to do my annual credit report. I was at the end of a law suit and needed a bank account to put the money in and fast as it came to an end faster then expected. My 92 yr old grandmother has had an account with Sun Trust for as long as I can remember, so I went there (keep in mind that after finding out of the identity theft that I reported to every place possible and not being allowed to open an account anywhere I tried because of this person/or persons getting accounts EVERYWHERE in my name and leaving them bad I tried there) anyways, I went in to this local branch in Port Orange, Fl. and sat down with the account specialist I explained the ENTIRE situation to him and offered him any and all reports made to show the accuracy of what I was saying, he said lets see what it says when we try the opening process, I agreed and we got half way through and it stopped him giving him a number to call in which he did as I sat right in front of him, the person on the other end of the phone told him that all they needed was a second form of ID from me to prove who I was I was happy to give them this because I felt as though they actually cared about my situation and payed attention to what my credit report was saying to do. I got the all clear to open the account, however he said if I gave them the check it could take 7-14 days to clear (which is understandable) but I needed a portion of it right away due to bills that needed to be paid at that time, so I decided to take the check elsewhere to cash it and just put in the cash after I had taken out what was needed for bills. The next morning I brought in $5, 500 in CASH to make the initial deposit. He took all the cash I had given him, he gave me a receipt that stated it was a $5, 500 CASH deposit, he proceeded to start the enrollment process for online banking and then stopped and told me that I needed to finish the rest at home, thought it was strange but agreed and went on my way, as I started thinking back to everything I realized that no copies of my drivers lic. where made and I didn’t remember signing anything, it was my mothers birthday and honestly after I handed over the cash he rushed me out the door. Later that day I tried to finish up the online banking and it kept giving me the same error message “at least one of the information I was giving didn’t match their records” so before calling I looked back at the paperwork that I was given and NOT ONE page had anything with my name on it nor signature, I tried calling the number on the card he gave me and it was disconnected but did give me the correct one at the end of the recording, I spoke with Charles who opened my account and I told him that I couldn’t access the online banking and he said I’ll send you another security link and to try that, again I agreed and NOPE that didn’t work either. I needed to get a little more money out anyways and could only do that at the branch personally being that I didn’t have a card yet. When I got there first thing he asked was if I was able to access it I told him no but that I also needed to withdraw some money, he ignored that I had even said that and went straight into the account and said he needed to make another phone call, he gets off the phone with a very weird look on his face and his entire attitude towards me changed, he proceeded to tell me that my account was frozen and the only thing that I was allowed to do with the account was to deposit money, and that I was on a NO DEBIT status, I immediately panicked and started asking questions as to why to why this was happening? I told him that I just wanted to take a little out being that once they close for the day I had no access to get any, he got up and went into the branch managers office and came back and said no, no funds are being released to you at this time. I started crying in fear of this identity theft again being that no one would give me any information, he went back to the manager and she came behind him and said to me WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT? At this point I said all of it and I want to close this account, she turned around to the tellers working in there and told them to shut their tills down being that at this point I had been there until closing, she looked at me and so go drive over to the drive thru and get your money. I was relieved thinking I was able to end this just started nightmare, haha the joke was on me, I get over there and this one teller was there and told me I had to sign this paper where she hand drew an ” X ” with a line next to it to receive my money and when I looked at it, it didn’t even say SUN TRUST on it it was just a computer print out on carbon paper I asked what that was for and she said that because it was so late that she had to do it that way. I signed it and sent it back to her she sends me out money falling out of the envelope and NO RECEIPT I asked her for a copy of what I just signed and she refused me and walked away. My daughter who is 18 years old and has been with me at every visit from the start of this mess counted the money and said mom theres only $2500 here, I recounted it and yep that’s all there was, I tried to get this woman to come back and she ignored me completely, being that the branch was closed and unattached to the drive thru the only thing left to do was call, no one would give me any answers as to why any of this was happening with MY MONEY, so the next day I went back to the branch with my daughter wanting answers, no one would talk to me besides a man who was totally rude and told me that the FRAUD dept refused to release my money to me, I wanted the corporate number which he was reluctant to give me but finally did but refused to give me the fraud dept number claiming that customers are not allowed to call that dept, I again started crying and the branch manager looked at me and started laughing, without making a scene I went outside and called the number I was given and ended up speaking with a regular rep who told me my balance was only $500.00 and that there was 2 $2, 500 transactions which WAS NOT TRUE, with this woman on the phone I went back inside and asked Warren the rude guy what she was talking about and he said in exact words that’s not true she doesn’t know what shes talking about. I told the woman on the phone that this isn’t her fault and that it was nothing against her but that I needed to speak to a supervisor, yeah I got this man on the phone who was just as rude as the people in the branch, he proceeded to tell me that I was under investigation, I said INVESTIGATION? FOR WHAT? He claimed that he couldn’t give me any information, not knowing what else to do I called the local police to the branch, they told me that its a civil matter but that this is not the first time this has happened. The man on the phone changed his story of me being investigated to my account is under review and going to be closed by the fraud department and that I could go and get a cashiers check from inside, I went back in to warren and the man who opened my account was coming out from the back and when he saw me he took off back to the back again not returning, I told Warren that I was told to get a cashiers check for the remaining balance that is supposed to be $3, 000 and he said yes your balance is $3, 000 but that I can NOT have a cashiers check and if in 10 days if there is any money left due to me I’ll get a check in the mail along with a paper explaining why my account was being closed. I left and went home and by this point was so mad that I called back again, I was then accused of passing a fraudulent check for my initial deposit…I DIDNT GIVE A CHECK IT WAS CASH, I have a receipt showing this, then I was accused of passing fake money as my deposit, then they went as far as to accuse me of stealing the money to deposit, I told them that I could produce the check stub, the law suit papers, and the place and all the paperwork from where I cashed the check, nope once again not good enough, I was told the fraud dept. was closed at that time but OH WAIT I got lucky there was one person left still there from that dept. OK, so the person who was supposed to be from that department claimed I had a case already opened that I should already be aware of, I told her no I’m unaware please enlighten me, she said I don’t have any information on what is going on but call the fraud dept. Monday they should be able to tell you, then made the mistake of saying that she is a rep just like the other lady and that they don’t have that kind of information, so there was another lie she wasn’t the fraud dept. at all. So…not only have I been lied to, accused of all kinds of illegal things, embarrassed in the branch, but they made me feel like I was a criminal because that’s the way I was treated. Sad to say that just coming out of a long drawn out terrible law suit I’m now entering into another. Oh and a word of advice besides the obvious don’t bother to read their regulations on deposit accounts handbook because they will tell you when you read them what it says and it proves you right that you must have been given an old version, well I flipped it over and WOW there it was the date that it was revised 2014 couldn’t be to old. STAY AWAY FROM SUN TRUST THEY WILL ROB YOU!

Found At: SunTrust Banks – opening a checking account for me and after taking a $5,500 cash deposit from me froze my account the same day

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