At 4 o’clock On July 11th, 2019 my neice and i brought in my son && her 2 boys for hairs cuts. We asked for all 3 to receive faux hawks. There where 3 people working. 2 females and a male. A skinny brunette cut my sons and her sons hair and a male with a man bun cut her other sons hair. Sorry for the terrible description but I didn’t take their names. We where in a rush to leave and in total disgust. All three of our boys recieved terrible haircuts. The woman was very unpersonable && rushed through justice and Williams haircuts and did not bother to even style them. Justices hair wasnt cut according to his hair lines and was much longer than it should have been as well as uneven. William did not even receive a faux hawk. He got a short bowl cut that looks similar to jim Carey in dumb and dumber, also extremily uneven. Gabriels haie was cut by the male and although he took the time to style it its also very uneven. We have both been getting our boys hair cuts at super cuts for yeara and are very dissappointed in not only the hairdressers attutude by the awful haircuts they received. We would greatly appreciate reimbursment which was $34.00 on Angela’s card and $10.00 cash for the situation to be rectified or preferably both!. You can contact myself; Nicole coleman at 802.363.8455 [protected] or my angela Campbell at 716.381.1128 [protected]

Found At: Supercuts – Haircuts

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