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Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing my complaint to bring to your attention the unprofessional and rude behavior of Katia Kenduz, your customer service manager on Saturday, August 24 when my wife and my son were traveling from Geneva airport to Toronto in Canada.
When she was asked to come to the check-in counter by another agent to answer some of our questions regarding our bags, she showed up there after 30 minutes delay and in response to our question showed very unprofessional and rude behavior toward me and my wife in front of our 10 years old. She even continued arguing with us and speaking French to her colleague and instructing him when she was behaving weirdly as she knew that we could only speak English. Due to my job, I had lots of interaction with different individuals working for different airlines at different airports all around the world due to my job and honestly never saw such a disgusting behavior from someone especially in a company claim to be a Swiss company. I hope to hear about your actions to address this major issue in the coming days before I need to take the matter to my lawyer.
you can reach me at [protected] and if needed I will provide you with my phone number later.
Thank you very much for your attention.
Dr. Hamid Reza Nakhaipour

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