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deceptive business practices”>

This company limits your use of paid software through forcing Internet connections to websites. This is not disclosed during purchase or if it is, you must read very carefully to try to find it. It is not clearly disclosed.

If you do not (or cannot) connect to their sites, the software will inform you to try again later and will close.

In addition, They count the number of times you have reinstalled it and I was denied reinstallation on my 2nd reinstall after a hard drive failure.

My reasons for reinstalling were legitimate and I have used the software on only one computer and have never given away or even sold my copy.

This has been an extremely frustrating experience and has caused me a great deal of inconvenience.

I would strongly advise avoiding their products.

Please let me add that Mr. Moore appears to be a great “Smoozer”. His websites sing a great song but I now feel it is a cover up. Please do your research before dealing with this firm / individual.


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Found At: Swreg – deceptive business practices

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