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The last three months we have had a problem with payments we made to several of our credit card accounts being sent to the wrong account, not credited to the correct account where late fees were charged to us and a negative reported to the credit bureau.

It first started about six weeks ago with my wife’s JTV credit card account ending in 1228. For whatever reason they applied our payment through our bank to account 3712 with a zero balance instead of to account 1228 with a balance which we have always used. The payment from our bank was sent to account 1228 this was verified. Customer support told us my wife had two open accounts, we were not aware of this and my wife always used account 1228, she never used account 3712. It makes no since to use why my wife would have two open accounts, or why our payment was applied to an account with a zero balance instead of to account 1228 with a balance. This has never happened before. They waived the late fees and corrected the negative report to the Credit Bureau.

Then it happened again, our Phillips 66 gas card sent us a past due notice, tried to charge us a late fee and report us negative to the credit bureau. There was no other account we could find. We did not receive a statement in an email like we do with all our accounts and communications. Again they waived the late fees and corrected the negative reported to the Credit Bureau.

August 18, 2019 I received an email from PayPal that they have received our payment of $200.00 for account 4448, my wife’s PayPal account is 8833. This is what we have always used for payments through our bank.

I contacted PayPal Customer Service with Synchrony Bank that now handles our PayPal account. After talking to several people, being transferred several times I asked to speak to a manager. The manager was able to understand what was happening and explained it to me. Synchrony Bank now services numerous credit card accounts with more added all the time, and changes some of the prior account numbers. She said we should have received a letter in the mail explaining which accounts were now being handled by Synchrony Bank and what if any new account numbers were changed. We received no such communications by mail, email or phone call and were unware what was happening or why.

We now have received past due notices on three accounts, JTV, Phillips 66 and now PayPal. Thankfully all three late fees were waived and any negative reported on us was corrected. We have spent countless hours, days trying to straighten this out

We pay all our bills on time through our bank Bill Pay seven days prior to the due date to arrive on or before the due date. We do not pay our bills late and have an excellent credit rating we are proud of. We have never had this sort of problem before. I do all our communications by email, not by mail or phone calls. We go green and have all statements sent to me in an email. Thank god for this manager at PayPal Synchrony Bank Customer Service that was able to explain what was happening.

I am still trying to contact Synchrony Bank, every time I try online I cannot get access or get registered to check on our accounts. I was told the web site is down and try again later, its been several days and it is still down. How do we contact someone at Synchrony Bank to talk about this and correct the problems? We need to find out if any account numbers have been changed so we can correct them with our bank for payments.

Max and Debra Smith
14811 Old Jenny Lind Loop
Ft. Smith, AR 72916
Max [protected]
Debra [protected]

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