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On December 8th, 2008 T-mobile charged me twice for my December bill. I called on the 9th when i noticed what happened and i immediately called customer care.

After speaking with the customer care representative i was told that i would have a full refund for the second charge returned to my account in 5-7 business days.

i waited a week and still no money, i then called again on the 18th of December and was told by both the representative and supervisor that there was no refund report filed and that the money was put as credit towards my account.

i told them that i did not want or ask for it to be credit towards my next bill and that i was told i would get a refund of my money. The supervisor told me that it was not possible to get my money back and that there was nothing she could do to give me a refund?

i hung up and called back this time speaking with a different rep. she said there was a refund posted on my account but it was not filed, she then filed the refund and told me i should receive my money in 3-5 days, so now i am waiting till monday and if not i will call again.

How is it that T-mobile made the mistake of charging me twice for my bill and now there is nothing they can do to give it back? its rediculous.

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