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This T-mobile ‘free companion flight promotion’ is nothing short of a big joke! Too bad the joke is on
T-mobile customers.

A roundtrip fare on T-mobile’s vender (TLC?) website cost as much as 2 fares on the airline sites! They offer fares WAY off the mark from current fares (sky high fares – no pun intended), plus unusually high taxes above the ones you will find on the airline sites per seat, and the final nail in the coffin is their $13 PER SEAT fee! What a rip!

Okay, so they have a ‘comparative fare promise’ where you call in to submit a lower fare you found compared to identical round trip fare on the vendor’s website. They say they will match it. Sounds like the honest thing to do, right? Well, even this PROMISE is laden with fees. Try 15% tacked on to the total amount of the base fares, then higher taxes ‘per seat’ and again their $13 booking fee per seat whether you talk to a person on the phone or not.

To make things smell even more of stink … The vendor website http://www.flywitht-mobile.com/welcome/faqs.aspx) plasters a 2 business day wait may apply in the time span of submitting a lower fare and getting a return call to actually book the flight. But guess what? Even that is smoke and mirrors. The wait time is actually 10 to 14 BUSINESS DAYS. This actually translates to a two to three week wait to get a call back (because of weekends). My 7 week advance purchase ticket will turn into a 3 week in advance purchase if I wait for T-mobile’s vendor!

My personal experience of trying to get 4 seats in this mess, roundtrip to Los Angeles to see a newborn nephew, actually comes to buying 3 seats at full fare and get the 4th seat at a teeny discount – not free. What a sham!

I smell a class action law suit on the way. T-mobile even has their own people answering the phones, because the influx of lower fare submittals are so large in number. I’m starting to think there really is no TLC vendor at all, or they created a TLC corporation, in which T-mobile is running the whole show. I mean if the vendor was real what money would T-mobile really pay out to the vendor, or even the airlines for that matter, if the ‘free’ airfare doesn’t really exist?

Shameful.. More complaints are popping up everywhere. I smell a class action lawsuit on the way. Would serve T-mobile right.

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