T. Rowe Price

Process began mid Sept. 2021 when I requested withdrawal form. It took 2 weeks to get form finally on 9/27. Mailed completed form on 9/28. Called on 10/13 and was told they didn’t receive form. Faxed duplicate form on 10/13 and was told all problems were resolved and check would go out by 10/15. Called on 10/25 and was told check would go out on 10/25. Initially I stressed that money was needed by 11/3. Called on 11/1 and was told I should have check by 11/3. It is now 11/8 and I still do not have my money. I ended up having to pay interest on a loan that would not have existed if I had received my money on time. Called today and was told “mail delivery is delayed during the holidays”. I didn’t know Halloween had an effect on the mail.? I was told they could stop payment and send a new check. Heaven only knows when I would receive that one. Just a warning to small investors like me, this firm does not really care about helping us. By the way, I just read a complaint from another client of T. Rowe Price with identical issue!

Found At: T. Rowe Price – Payment not received

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