TableTops Unlimited – China sales, Leesburg Va

I have been a dealer using as a sales outlet for several years.

As of March of 2007 the Tabletops company ceased to pay the amounts due me as a dealer as described in their website dealers agreement.

I supplied the goods and paid to ship goods to the’s customers and I am now paying interest on the shipping. The March payment is now approaching 120 days overdue and the April payment is approaching 90 days.

The total due is larger than can be sued for in Virginia in Small Claims Court. I have received email promises that my money was forthcoming. In May I received an email from Scott Owens of Tabletops stating that they had spent the money owed to the dealers on trying to recover their website from a hard drive crash.

His suggestion was that dealers continue to sell on his site and he would pay us back from what would have been the companies commission. I refused this feeling that if he would take my money for his operations (in other words steal from the dealers) once, I could not trust them to not do so again. I have sent billings and requests for an alternate payment schedule or some form of agreement including offering to take some part payment in inventory but I have gotten no response to these requests.

It is my opinion that this company is dishonest. Beware as both consumer and dealer.

Found At: TableTops Unlimited – Dishonest business practices!

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