Taco Cabana

Hello, My name is Nita Robinson. My grandson and I went to eat last night and I thought y’all were closed because no outside lights were on, so we drove oon past it but saw people inside so we turned around and went in to eat . We ordered 04 bean and cheese tacos and a bowl of chili. Well we got our food and the Chile was barely like warm.i went up front and ask them to heat it for me because it was cold, salty and greasy.i left it with her and after about 10 minutes I went up front to find out what was taking so long, well my child was sitting on the fryline so I grabbed it cause no one had called me. While we were waiting on it my grandson was eating his soft tacos and told me that the tortillas were hard but he was going to eat by them anyway. Well I tried my Chile and it didn’t feel any warmer so I took it to the cashier and got a refund and we left. Again still no lights on we were trying to see to the car but it was dark. The sidewalk took a curve I couldn’t see so it stepped off and I fell to to the sidewalk and tried to catch myself, my neck hit on a chevy suv and I landed on my left hand and knee which got scraped and my left side of my butt. I was in a lot of pain. My grandson offered to r get help but I told him to forget it. I wish I wouldn’t if now, lit was a horrible experience last night. I am 66 years old and the fall is not easy on me.

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