TAG Heuer

I sent my watch in for repair. I got it back and the band was not properly put back on the watch! I am walking around, at dinner in a restaurant, and the thing drops off my wrist. This is not what “factory service” is supposed to be like! I sent it back to Tag so it could get done properly and the result is not what I was expecting, or should have expected! So now I am here on a Sunday morning trying to put the thing back together again! No I don’t want to go back another 15 miles to the jeweler, I should not have to! Really sloppy service, I’ll think twice before I send it back to Tag for anything! Resolution, do it right the first time, I don’t have time to send it back for service every week! If I wanted to do that I would have kept my Rolex! When you pay more for service you expect more, Tag failed to deliver and it now makes the rest of your work suspect!

Found At: TAG Heuer – repair service

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