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I closed my Teco account due to moving out of Hillsborough county. My refund for deposit wad issued 3/3/2014 and mailed off 3/21/2014. I never received the check so I called on 04/28/2014 to have a new one mailed off . I received a letter stating the check was already cashed and had a copy of the check. There was no other information and the check was not signed and no banking information where the check was cashed. I called Teco and they were very rude saying it is my responsibility to find out who stole my check out of the mail. I asked if I could have information about where the check was cashed they said they didnt have to tell me, that it is all my responsibility to get my money that Teco owes me. I explained that if it was reversed and a check I wrote to them was stolen it is my responsibility to replace the check (or my electric would be disconnected in a hurry) and to file a police complaint and contact my bank to take care of the issue. They responded that they are a business and that does not apply to them. To them, once they sign a check it is not their concern who deposits the check. Once it leaves their bank it is now my problem.

The issue is Teco banks through SunTrust and they will not give me any information about who cashed the check since It is Teco’s account. Teco would have to request an investigation. Calling Teco back I was told that they will not do anything that I would have to contact law enforcement. I am stuck because without knowing where ot was cashed the sheriffs cannot investigate anything. I guess I have to go after Teco througj civil court.

Found At: Tampa Electric / Teco Energy – Refund deposit mailed to wrong address

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