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I got a phone call from a salesman about 6-7 months ago. Usually I hang up on sales calls, but this time I let me know that we were shopping for a new cell phone service as the costs were going up on our current plan with Sprint that we have had for many years. He said that he would be able to beat any price the other companys gave- so I agreed to this. I wanted just a simple monthly breakdown of our cost and sure enough he did that. So I agreed. there was no mention that this price was only for 6 months and would go up to close to double in price at the end of that term. Furthermore, I would have to upgrade a few of the phones. I had no problem with this. My first bill was even higher than my prior! Explanantion – well the lease of the new phones. I did not want this as I was trying to get our phone bill DOWN. I told him that I wanted to pay them off. He never did answer that, even after I told him twice. The next bill was still not correct. He did some inquiries and got it down, with really no explanation. Now it was at least down, though still a few hundred more than I wanted it. But I figured the phones would get paid off & then it would go down. Now this month, the bill has gone way up and the explanation is we are on a new plan. No one even notified me and like I stated before, I was not aware of this plan only lasting a few months. According to the person I talked to on the phone the only way to get it down is to have our men trade in theri phones for an Iphone 11, which would be cheaper monthly. Really? So I once again called and finally got a reasonable person to let me pay off the month to month leases. But even then, I dont think all the phones on a lease got paid off. Only 4. It would cost another $600 to pay off just the company president’s phone off. I am very frustrated at the lies and misrepresentations that I was given. Not happy and feel we are trapped (on purpose).

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