TD Ameritrade

I am a Mexican citizen who worked legally in the United States several years ago. After the project ended I returned to Mexico and from time to time I have made some small deposits to my trading account.

A few months ago I decided to start trading with options and decided to transfer some funds from my work as a consultant to my trading account.

Last December 7th, I deposited a 3,500.00 USD check using the TDAmeritrade app to my trading account to start trading with Options.

However, a couple of days later TDAmeritrade closed my account without any warning. The only explanation that I received from Customer Service was that my account was closed by fraud, and I would receive a letter by mail the next working day explaining the reasons.

Up until today, I haven’t received any letter from TDAmeritrade, explaining their true reasons for closing my account.

The only two things I did with my account was:

a) Finishing the options online training course using the ThinkorSwim platform.

b) Deposit a check to my account to start trading.

TDAmeritrade is illegally withholding my hard-earned money and accusing me of fraud, this is outrageous! Just because I am a Mexican citizen living in Mexico they are discriminating against me.

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