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I own a property in the 86024 zip code in Arizona. The area is called Happy Jack. I’ve had the home 2 years and lived up there full time for the last 5 or 6 months. TDS internet service isn’t what they say it is. It’s down at least 4 to 6 times per month and a couple of times it was down for more than a day.

We’ve tested the speeds on numerous occassions only to find out what we already know… you are getting marginal slow service and paying a premium price because of lack of competition in the area.

Customers are required to pay 33.30 per month for phone service even if you don’t use it. They claim it’s because your modem plugs into the phone line, but it makes no sense to list this charge as a phone charge if it is actually the backbone of the service.

When I called today to address these concerns, I waited on hold the first time for 48 minutes. The customer rep was in Jamaica and he couldn’t answer the most basic questions and I could hardly hear him. Then he transferred me and I had to wait on hold another 15 minutes. The next rep was much better and very professional. She pulled her supervisor into our call and her supervisor was very professional too. The issue is that there was nothing the supervisor could do except offer me a $8 monthly discount for one year.

This does not play out as fair in light of a product that does not perform as advertised and is down intermittently every month.

My message for TDS is: “get a grip on what your customers are saying”. In minutes I found many (too many) complaints online that tell a story of a company that is making bank with inferior products. Enjoy it while you can as there will be competition coming and droves of customers will jump at the prospect of a more honest company with speeds as advertised and more reasonable customer service wait times.

Cathy and Marina are good customer service professionals, so this isn’t on them, TDS is lucky to have them.

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