Tech Liquidators

I’ve noticed several listings in the used and refurbished categories that list the EST. MSRP at above the manufacturer NEW price. This is not the first time I’ve noticed this. It normally happens when the lot involves high ticket items like phones and tablets. I am bringing this up because I have on several occasions wanted to bid on lots but like any non silly person, I do my due diligence and look up the profit margin before bidding on any lot. So when I see something like this which is an instant loss I can’t imagine who the customer is. I am not sure if Techliquidator is not aware of this or if they are aware and don’t care. But I would like some clarity on this issue. A quick search on the internet reveals the NEW price of Samsung GalaxyS6 Plus to be around $575 but tech liquidators list theirs for $949 refurbished. The whole point of liquidation is to buy at below market price and resell for a profit so this is counter to that system. If TL wipes out all possible profits, who do they expect to bid on the site?

Found At: Tech Liquidators – Listing prices

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