Tekkie Town

Terrible customer service for defective product no return policy!

Bought a pair of Nike running shoes at N1 city branch and after two weeks stitching starts pulling apart ( strange never seen this before on a Nike product)
Upon returning the shoe and asking for a gift card or exchange not a full refund which I am entitled to under the CPA by the way I was told they do not have an exchange policy for faulty products and needs to be logged as a complaint.
Was Ridley told by manager that in his 11 years in retail he has never heard of a store replacing a defective item or giving credit in Leu of defect.
( Not sure if training issue or not interested)
Going on holiday and bought a comfortable pair for the trip so will have to go purchase one elsewhere in the meanwhile. The attitude and quality of the staff is absolutely shocking, having managed 3 large retail stores in the past including a Woolworths makes me wonder how this brand services.
Total disregard for customer service as well as contravening the CPA.

Watch out for this store and stick to bigger box stores, with proper procedures, trained staff and
A better attitude towards customers.
I learned a very expensive lesson so you don’t have to.
Stay away from the tekkie town brand

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