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I have also recently been the victim of a scam involving a company called Tele circuit/USBI. My phone company is AT&T and handle all my telephone communications needs with AT and T. Somehow, Tele Circuit hijacked my phone service so to speak, and is charging me for calls that I would have to pay any per minute charge for with my AT and T calling plans. To make matters worse, when I contacted At&T the representative was kind enough to take the thrid party charges off my AT and T bill. However, I was forced to pay AT and T the one time activation fees in order to reactivate my calling plans. This is obviously unfair but I agreed, hope that would be the end of it. This company, Tele Circuit, essensually uses AT and T as its “collection arm” knowing full well that If I refused to pay Telecurcuit, that AT and T will consider me to be delinquent with them as well. This is a very sneaky way to back somebody into a corner in order to force them to pay charges to a company that I NEVER signed up with in the first place. Also this crooked company knows that if one does not pay them, that one’s credit will be affected and this is what they seem to rely on in order to get people to pay. I’m unsure of how they were able to switch me over to their company without my permission in the first place. This month it happened again and im afraid they are going to keep doing it. My phone company, AT and T offers no protection to it’s customers from this kind of questionable business practice on the part of third party companies. It has been suggested that AT and T is in on the scam and though I did not want to believe that, it seems to be that that is the case. After all, AT and T bills on their behalf, does not provide its customers protection against third party companies switching their customers services to this crooked Tele Circuit company, and worse of all AT and T charges customers activation fees for restoring the plans they had before they were fraudulently switched over from AT and T to Tele circuit. At and T makes more money everytime a customer like myself has to re-instate my calling plans. That is a fact. The right thing for AT and T to do would be to re-instate your plans without any charge. I hope they come to realize that by allowing crooked third party companies to bill through them, they are making themselves look bad and untrustworthy for the AT and T name appears on the same bill as the Telecircuit charges. I hope that At and T gets it’s act together before such a well known and traditonally reliable company loses face.

Found At: Tele Circuit/USBI – Unauthorized switching of phone companies

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