I have been with Telus formerly B.C. Tel for 28 years. They had called my wife asking her if she wanted to try sat. tv for 1 year, no contract. She agreed and we tried it for 17 months. After 17 months of poor tv reception we decided to go with shaw. I called Telus to ask them to cancel their service and they said I was tied to a 3 year VERBAL contract for my phone, tv, and internet. I told them no, 3years is a long time to try something.
Anyway I cancelled their service and returned their 3 cable boxes back in November, now 6 months later I get a bill from a collection agency demanding $1, 129.30. no explanation as to why I am supposed to pay this outrageous amount. I have sent 2 different copies of delivery records showing their equipment was received. I now have to figure out how fight These Giant Robbers. they will mess up your credit on a verbal agreement over the phone. I will NEVER go back.
Be warned Telus is NOT friendly.

Found At: TELUS – excessive charges

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