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I have an issue with the Brick Store in Mississauga South Branch, 1607 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, ON, L4X 1L5, Canada.
On August 16, 2020, me and my wife went to the Brick Store looking for furniture, we bought a sofa and love seat, the salesperson (Raji G) asked when do we need the delivery, we specified the date September 29, 2020 as we are going to move on Sept 28. Raji said okay, he stated this date in the computer and declared that the items were available in the stock and would be delivered to us on the said date and stated “you are lucky because your items are available as most of the goods are not”. Everything was moving smoothly. Two days ago, we went again to the Brick and bought other items but with another salesperson (Sandra G) who was very professional and helpful. We asked Sandra the sofa and the love seat to be shipped together with the other items at the same day. Sandra said let us fix this point with the customer service section, we went there, she fixed everything and explained to us clearly each item when it would be ready, we were happy with our purchasing, but suddenly we had a shock, when the customer service agent claimed that the sofa and the love seat were not available in the stock and would be ready in November 2020. Raji called us one week ago and said “do you need the sofa and love seat now”, we replied, no, as we informed him that our moving to the new house is on Sept 28 and we need it on Sept 29, 2020, he said, “perfect, no worries, you would receive on that date”. But after discovering that our items were not available, we understood that Raji sold out our items to another customer, is this acceptable!. Anyhow, Today Sept 18, 2020 we went again to the Brick store, Raji told us to visit him on Friday to solve this problem, as we saw him the last time and complained to him why this happened, he said “now I have 3 customers on line, come on Friday”, turned his back and left us wondering. We listened to him and went today to the store, as usual, the same situation, he ignored us again and said “I have customers, wait for me”, we waited but in vain, neglecting us and did not care about our issue. We went down to the customer service section, asked “where is the manager”, they said “he was in meeting for 10 minutes”, we waited, after 10 minutes, they changed their words, and said sorry the manager in vacation, we were astonished why was this change in telling the truth, we felt that there was something wrong with them, they chatted with each other, then suddenly a lady came to us and said “I will take up to the manager”, we discovered he was not the manager, no matter, we tried to explain to him our problem, he even did not listen to us, and he was not helpful at all as they are agreed on what to say. It was really weird behavior and not convenient. We built our decisions on this sofa and love seat, we bought many things that match with the items, it is an important part in the house as it is the living room, so now we have to wait about 2 months hoping to receive our living room, we explained to the salesperson everything and Raji promised everything would be as we wish, and this what we got from him. We are completely not satisfied with this conduct. We kindly ask you to consider our issue and hoping to receive a satisfactory outcome. We have not cancelled our sofa and love seat till now wishing to receive them earlier at the end of September or start of October. We clearly know that because of COVID-19 most of the items are not available in the stock and the date of delivery is not accurate, everything is approximately. But Raji was a different case as he was pretty sure that the items were available and ready for delivery at the date we determined. If Raji told us the truth from the beginning, we would not be disturbed at all. This is a matter of honesty and professionalism.


Mazin Al-Tarabilsi
Hanadi Al-Zand

Item Code: (Our Invoice dated August 16, 2020 attached herewith)
1 Qty OLLV
1 Qty ALLWR504

Found At: The Brick – Sofa and love seat I am complaining about the delivery.

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