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Three years ago, I adopted a dog that had a lot of behavioral issues. I have never had a dog that was a lunatic in the car, crazy around anything with a motor such as a lawnmower, vacuum cleaner etc. A nutter about reflections So, I thought I would enlist the Canadian dog whisperer. What a giant mistake and a big waste of money. All he did was talk on the inital visit. Everything he said to me, I have read on the internet, and I have learned from the true dog whisperer, Cesar Millan. He should take some lessons from him. What I needed was guidance on how to change my dog’s behaviour.

I should never have paid him on the initial visit, but I thought that because he sat here for an hour I had to pay him. He never said I had an option to say no.

I asked for a refund 7 months later. I told him I had no problem paying him $120.00 for his initial visit but I would not be using him for anything else. He refused to refund the money.

While he may be okay to use for dogs that jump or bark at the door, and I am not sure that he is an good at that either, he is certainly not qualified to help anyone that has a dog with behavioural issues. Bruce Warrington has to use an electronic collar on his own dog because he is head strong and stubborn. I can’t remember if head strong and stubborn were his exact words, but it was something to that effect.

Thankfully, I found a behaviourist, and he fixed my dog’s problem in 10 minutes, and it did not cost $600.00!

Do not waste your money on this fraud. There is no money back guarantee.

Found At: The Canadian Dog Whisperer – obedience

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