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I’m guessing from other posters that you’ve re-designed the cap on the toilet bowl cleaner with bleach product. I’ve used it before and never had this problem. I buy at Costco and will buy either Clorox or Lysol (which ever is cheapest at the time) though I like Clorox better. This last box (6 or 8 count) has been completely defective! The first time I use a bottle, it’s great, but for each subsequent use the nozzle never opens correctly and the product ends up squirting from below the cap all around the container. It gets everywhere and then to clean off the bottle I end up dripping bleach all over my rugs, etc! My hands stink like bleach for the rest of the day, not to mention burning for a while. I’ve tried rinsing it when I close it and even pre-rinsing before opening it and it’s all a crap shoot. I never know if it will work and it usually ends up everywhere. I’m horrified that I have to use up 4 more bottles. Unless this nozzle issue gets fixed I will start selecting Lysol as I never had issues with it!

Go back to their old way of manufacturing the nozzle/cap…the way that worked!

Found At: The Clorox Company – Nozzles defective on toilet bowl cleaner with bleach

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