The Retail Equation

Why the phuque does ANY company need my “Driver License” information to initiate a return for an item that I paid CASH with 2 days prior? My main question, is how does ANY “retail corporation” have the right to use ANY “state issued declaration” such as a “driver license”? That information on my “driver license” is MY phuquing BUSINESS AND THE STATE IN WHICH I RESIDE, NOT HOME DEPOT’S! Why Home Depot “needs to swipe the magnetic strip” on my driver license is phuquing nonsense and invading my privacy. Next time they ask for a “government issued ID”, I’ll hand them my Goddamned passport, and let them figure that out once they “scan that”. (Every time a passport is scanned, the Department of State is notified, and what Home Depot is going to do then? I don’t care, they initiated this bullscheisse.

Found At: The Retail Equation – demanding my “driver license” to make a phuquing return on a cash bought item?

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