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Hello, May 7, 2020 I had an appointment to pick up a food box. My appointment was at 10:45 am. I arrived around 10:35 am. I got out the car and I starting walking toward the door, I noticed the sign said to stop at the blue line, so I did. I waited until someone came to the door. About 10 minutes later a young lady open the door. She asked with with an ATTITUDE could she help me. I said good morning I am here to pick up the food box. Again with an ATTITUDE she asked me for my name, the ages of the people and my age. I answered her nicely. Well she wasn’t so nice. She took the cart and shoved it to me like I was nobody, closed the door and locked it. Well I am a woman and I know that nobody had to help me, but that box was heavy. I am not upset about picking box up. I am upset how she treated me. I am well aware of COVID -19 and we are social distancing. But the being UGLY and MEAN to me and anybody else is not cause for. I will not visit this Salvation Army anymore. I thought this was a Christian organization with christian peoples that are willing to help and care for people with needs. I do appreciate the box, but I will not reach out to this company again. Please hired people that love to serve others with a great attitude regardless of what’s going on in their life. If you need to respond to me, please email [protected] Thank you! God bless!

Found At: The Salvation Army USA – Box pick-up

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