Shangri-la nail spa sign at choa chu Kang Ave 4 - Dishornest claims on Nair removal

Made an extended warranty claim to the Walker Group in July 09, on a TV purchased at A&B Sound. After 4 months of waiting for parts, the final bill from the servicing company is nearly ready — at over $1000. The Walker Group is now claiming that incorrect coverage was purchased and they will not honour the warranty. This despite the fact that at the time of the original claim, they had all the relevant data, and issued a claim form assuring reimbursement up to a maximum amount. Now that the bill is coming, they are trying to renege. The operation has too many names, won’t deal directly, and seems very shady. Since I have paperwork from them committing to a reimbursement amount, will pursue legal action. Be VERY careful about extended warranties that are not from the manufacturer, and do not buy one if the Walker Group is involved.

Found At: The Walker Group, Extended Warranty – Trying to avoid honoring extended warranty

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