Thousand Trails

I have been a member for about two years at thousand trails in Gloucester VA. I have sent several complaints to the campground on its current conditions with no response. This campground has become a trailer park. Almost all the prime sites have people living on them. Adults are driving Round in golf carts at night drinking, and also at the children’s play ground with beer . My wife is handicap, so when we have the grandkids we half to drive to the playground. Problem with that is that all of the parking by the playground is taken by depot trailer including all of the handicap spots. Who wants to spend money on a membership to a trailer park/ fishing camp. You can’t even sit outside in the evening because of people building decks on there trailer or working on vehicles. The spots they have left open for rentals are in in area were it turns into a mud pit when it rains. All prime spots are one sites where people are living including being close to any Amity.I went a few month’s ago and had trouble finding a spot. They spaces that were open last year are now filled with permanent residents. Why should I pay on a membership to a trailer court that cares nothing about there travelers and management that allows anything.

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