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I fly to Florida once or twice a year, usually into the Palm Beach International Airport. I shop around for a car to rent. In August, 2015, the cheapest by far for a compact car was Thrifty Car Rental. Despite my age (72), size (6’ tall, 260 lbs) and moderately severe arthritis in my right hip and leg, I have been able to manage quite well with this size car in the past. When I came to the Thrifty counter at the airport, the young man behind the counter, looking at me and the cane I use, said “I think I’ll give you an upgrade.” I did not ask for an upgrade. He did not ask me if I wanted an upgrade. He never mentioned a price for an upgrade. I assumed, at the time, given all this, that he was offering me a FREE upgrade. When he presented me the agreement to sign, he quickly circled two lines and said, “Just initial here and here.” He then put it into a folder and gave me directions to the shuttle bus. I never looked at that paper again. My fault, I know, but it came as a shock when I got my credit card bill and saw that my $226 rental was now $399! I am very upset by what I see as sneaky and underhanded sales techniques as practiced by this Thrifty Car Rental agent. I don’t know if he did anything wrong legally, but his methods were definitely not open and clear to me, the customer. I really resent this type of business practice, and from now on, Thrifty Car Rental will be at the bottom of my list, lower price or not. I’d rather pay a bit more and know I am dealing with an honest and above-board company.

Found At: Thrifty Rent A Car: Reviews, Complaints, Customer Claims, Page 10

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